Do You Feel You Are Alone?

Are you going through hard times? Do you feel like you are alone in your wilderness? This is for you.


This is the assurance that we have. Isaiah 30:20-21 says the Lord will make you go through tough times but he himself will be there to teach you and you will not have to search for him any more. If you wander off the road to the right or the left, you will hear his voice behind you saying, “here is the road, follow it.”

The issue here is not that God do ignore us in hard times, No! He does not. In fact, he is right there with us teaching us the right path to follow but how many of us do listen to his voice behind us? We as humans have given so much to the flesh that we want to satisfy the desires of the flesh first before having to think about the spirit and this only makes us wander deeper into the wrong side of the road and make the tough times last a bit longer than they would have if we actually do listen to the teachings of the Lord himself.

I will like to encourage us all this morning to always obey the teachings of God, listen to his voice behind you telling you which way to go and I assure you that if you do that, you will never go astray.

Remember this; the Lord teaches us, he never commands nor make it a must for us to follow his teachings but following through with his teachings is the only sure key to the kingdom of God.

Prayer: My father in heaven, open my ears to your teachings and give me the grace to follow through on your words.