When You Can’t Take It No More!


Do you feel restless about your current situation? Are you at that point where you feel you can’t take it no more?

Its that time to act now, break loose and break free. Drop your burden and set yourself free.

What do I mean by all these?

Pastor Sam, the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Center said during the 3rd service in church yesterday (Sept 14, 2014) that “Excellence don’t just happen, it is for those who won’t put up with failure.” This he backed up with the scriptures Genesis 27:38-40 where Issac said to his son, Esau that he will put up with a low life while working from hand to mouth but will break free at that point where/ when he can’t take it no more.


Remember, Esau was in the bondage of his brother, Jacob. Likewise, so many people are in one bondage or another, be it poverty, maltreatment, etc but not until when you become restless and can’t take it no more, you will keep putting up with it.

I want to encourage someone today to become restless of that low life he/ she has been putting up with, throw the yoke of poverty, sinfulness, sickness and whatever it might be off your neck and set yourself free.

The time to act is now, and act fast.

PRAYER: Lord, as I  become restless of my present situation, grant me the grace and strength to do something about it and set myself free.