Do Everything Without Complaining or Arguing


As humans, I know it seem like a difficult task to do everything we can without complaining or arguing but the concept of complaining or arguing about a thing we will go right ahead and do or a thing we need to do for our own good and benefit still remains one of the human nature mysteries.

It is important to note that complaining causes doubt and argument causes disagreement and rivalry.

It seem we are naturally programmed to complain and comply, but Apostle Paul said in the book of  Philippians 2:14 (GNT) that we should “Do everything without complaining or arguing,” this he said with a promise that if we do, we will shine like the stars lighting up the sky.

When you complain or argue about the laws of God, then it shows you are yet to come to the understanding that God himself is Love and his laws are meant to reflect these ‘cos when obeyed, aside the fact that they have blessings/ promises attached to them, they are meant to help make us a better, brighter and an angelic being who will in turn make the world we live in a better place and also be able to live with our neighbors (believers or not) in love and kindness, so that through us, others may know Christ.

PRAYER: Lord, grant me patience in everything I do and help me to see beyond my selfish interest, so that I may serve you in truth, faithfulness and all honesty without complaining or arguing.