When The Going Gets Tough….

There is a popular saying that says “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”

As good as it might sound and as true as it might seem, things don’t always happen so smoothly for the tough to always get going at tough times.

The book of Mathew chapter 14 talked about the day John the Baptist was beheaded, it must have been not so good a day for Jesus ‘cos when the news got to him, it was stated that “He departed into a desert place,” (Mathew 14:13) he surely wanted to be left alone all to himself for it must have been a sober moment for him.The news must have weakened him but when he saw a great multitude following him, the bible said “He was moved with compassion towards them and He healed their sick.” (Mathew 14:14)

Remember, He got a bad news, was sober, wanted to be alone but when he saw the unrelenting effort of the people to get him to do the will of his father, he was moved with compassion, found strength in the situation and healed their sick but he did not stop there, He knew it was a tough time for him and he needed just one thing to get going and that’s prayer.

After the days stress, Jesus deserved to rest but Mathew 14:23 says that “ After sending the people away, he (Jesus) went up a hill by himself to pray.”

This left me with just one thing; When the going gets tough, the tough never stop praying.

PRAYER: Lord, teach me to understand the place of prayer in my life and to always find strength on my knees.