Practice What They Preach Not What They Do

The teachers of the Law and the Pharisees are the authorized interpreters of Moses’ Law. So you must obey and follow everything they tell you to do; do not, however, imitate their actions, because they don’t practice what they preach.” (Mathew 23:2-3 GNT)

It is important to note that the above verse states that what the teachers of the law (Pastors) say according to what is written in the bible is much more important than what they do. Therefore, Jesus said in the verse that we should obey what they tell us to do because they are the authorized interpreters of the law but we should not imitate their actions for they do not practice what they preach.
The teachers or preachers of the law are humans like you and me and as human as they are, they do go against what is written in the bible and imitating them will simply put us at risk of sin through following a bad example.

Our example should be Christ and we should only strive to be like him (Jesus) and not like any of the teachers of the law for you hear what they say but you’re mostly blind to what they do.

PRAYER: Thank you Lord for giving us Christ. I receive the grace to do according to what you want me to do and I thank you for being a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.