Do Good

“What goes around, comes around” and “a good turn deserves another.” These are two common sayings people use to encourage others to do good.
Doing good is not only for others benefit, what others tend to enjoy are the immediate non-pain inflicting actions but the doer of good is always open not just to the short term benefit of his actions but also to the future benefits.

There is a popular story on the internet about a young girl who in her countryside apartment decided to give a young boy who knocked on her door a glass of milk instead of the water the boy asked for as she could see the boy looked hungry and not just thirsty. Years later, the young boy had grown to become a good medical doctor and a patient was brought to his hospital for treatment as he is the best doctor known to be able to treat patients suffering from that particular kind of illness.
On getting to the ward, he immediately recognized the sick lady as the girl who gave him a glass of milk years ago, so he made up his mind, did all he could, treated the lady and went ahead to settle her medical bill which he wrote a note on before sending it to the lady. Knowing the kind of treatment she received and how expensive it is, she knew she won’t be able to pay it all by herself but on opening the bill, the doctors inscription caught her attention and she started crying.
The doctor had wrote on the bill “Paid in full with a glass of milk”.
Doing good pays, right?

Galatians 6:10 (GNT) says

“So then, as often as we have the chance, we should do good to everyone, and especially to those who belong to our family in the faith.”

Christianity is all about doing good to people. The life and times of Jesus Christ on earth was characterized by good doings which were all evident in the various healings, the feeding of multitudes even when his disciples suggested that they should be sent away because they lack the resources to feed them, the raising of the dead, etc. He did all these with no expectation of being treated back with his own kind gesture but so that the will of our Father in heaven might be fulfilled.

In the same light, we as Christians are to do good and keep doing good, not for the benefit we tend to gain from doing good but to encourage others in our faith and be able to win lost souls ‘cos our actions are much more louder than our words.