In Search Of Love….

Going on loves search
Can be such a daunting task
For you never know who you will meet
Nor do you know who will meet you.

When searching for love
What do you seek?
Do you look for facial beauty
Or are you all about the hour glass shape?

I was once all out for love
I was convinced that what you seek you find
I combed all the hearts I knew
But the hearts of women can be full of deceit.

Fake hair, fake looks,
Fake nails, bleached skin
Fake shapes and fake heights
With a nagging mouth.

They fix their hair and eyelashes
Camouflage their face with makeup
Then wear padded bras and bumbum
With a complimenting high heels.

This left me wondering
I began to question my intelligence
My reasoning was no longer rational
Yet my heart refused to be deceived

I have learnt a lot about love
It’s not envious and does not lie
It’s not deceitful and does not hide
Yet all these girls fake it and hide behind fashion.

I kept on searching
I kept on moving
Then a fresh wind blew past me
I was lost in the moment.

It was the freshness of her breath
The words coming out of her mouth were life
They were words of affection
That captured my heart all at once.

Nagging, she does not know how to
Smiling, That’s what she does best
I could have sworn she was faking it
Till she started playing with the kid who stained her dress.

It was then I realized
I had it all along
The love I went in search of
Was there by my side

If only I had taken a moment
To appreciate what I had
I won’t have been out there
Looking for what’s within

What you value, multiplies
What you don’t, you lose
Whatever you desire
Learn to appreciate the little things around it.

More often than not
We ignore those who love us
We love those who ignore us
And end up blaming the world for not loving us.