So many times we doubt our own breakthrough even when we have worked hard with the hope that someday our dreams will come through.

There have been times when during exams, we prepare so well for an exam that we do have sleepless nights while studying the reading materials from page to page and even in the exam hall, the questions will look so easy that the little time we have to answer the questions will feel like a lifetime as we would have finished answering the questions 30minutes into the exam yet when the result is out, there comes that tiny little feeling of fear and we wonder, what if?

Same way it is in life, we want to be promoted at work and when the time for promotion comes, fear creeps in and we start wondering if we can actually handle the stress and responsibility that comes with it.

There are times when we don’t even expect to be promoted more than a particular level. We feel our situation does not give room for us to move up the ladder. We start giving excuses of how well educated we are not and how we don’t have the right qualifications to be promoted but as Angel Gabriel said to Mary in the book of Luke 1:36 (GNT), he said

Remember your relative Elizabeth. It is said that she cannot have children, but she herself is now six months pregnant, even though she is very old.

Angel Gabriel said this in response to Mary’s question when she pointed out that her situation; being a virgin does not allow nor give room for her to be pregnant.

In the same way and same light, what ever situation you might be today, I want you to remember that there are people that have been in that same situations and came out on top. Remember how they were told it won’t be possible.

I don’t know what you’re going through but remember that in 2010, BBC made a documentary titled “Welcome To Lagos” with its part one featuring a guy called Vocal Slender who’s daily job was working as a scavenger on the dumping ground at Olusosun in Ojota yet with the dreams of becoming a musician someday. No one ever thought he will make it but because he shared his story with the world via the documentary, he became a sort of celebrity and was invited to the UK to come perform along side stars like Basket Mouth, 2Face and the likes with him being the main artist of the day at the O2 arena. He left the dumping ground at Olusosun which has been his home for years and entered the UK as a star in 2010.

What am I trying to say. The world around you, your situation will make you feel that some things can’t happen to you, people will tell you that it is not possible and you will even doubt yourself but I have come to tell you the good news that “there is nothing that God cannot do.” (Luke 1:37).