Christmas: Christ or Santa?

Three (3) Years ago today, I made a post on my old blog titled ‘Saving The Christ In Christmas‘ by a guest blogger named Kiki.

Today, I will like to share with you all a little story while I take you down the memory lane of what happened years ago that brought about the special holiday in December called Christmas day.

Now, to the story…


Over 2000 years ago, in the city of Bethlehem, a glorious child was born in a manger on the 25th day of December. The Child who was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary was named Jesus.

It was by his birth that we came about calling the 25th day of December the Christmas day according to his name, Jesus Christ. The Christmas day simply refers to the day Christ was born. Just as we all celebrate and mark our birthday each year on the day we were born, so do we also celebrate the birth of Christ on the day he was born.

The word Christmas was formed from the combination of two words; Christ and Mass. The Christ in Christmas refers to Jesus who is the Christ (the anointed one of God) and the Mass (written as mas) means the celebration of Christian Eucharist which is also called the Holy Communion. Hence, it will be safe to conclude that Christmas means THE CELEBRATION OF CHRIST.

So who is this Santa Claus that the modern day Celebration of Christ now seem to be all about. Can it be mere coincidence that if we remove the middle letter of the Santa and place it at the end of it, we get Satan? and how come both Satan and Santa sounds alike? Or can it be a subliminal message that appeals to our subconsciousness, thereby diverting our attention away from Christ who is the reason for Christmas and placing it on the fictional red wearing, animal riding and mysterious house entering character with white beard?

Yes, the giving of gift is a good thing and a fantastic one at that but why lie to the innocent young kids that the gift came from a mysterious man called Santa rather than letting them know the truth behind the gift and the reason for getting the gift they got. Santa shouldn’t be the one that will help you correct the behavior of your kids, you should do that yourself by showing them true love, leading them by examples and letting them know the difference and possible consequences of both good and bad behavior and not engaging in one yourself.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ, a day to rejoice in the Lord for giving us his only son all because he loves us. We should in return give to others, appreciate them, show them we love them and let them know we love them same way God loves us that he gave us his only son.

In all our celebrations, we should remember the poor and hungry, the vulnerable and defenseless, the homeless, the little black boy who needs a shoulder to lean on and the white guy who needs a friend to laugh with.

Let someone know you love him/ her, walk up to them, call them up, slip a note in their hands or through the door, drop them a voice message, send them a card or a gift, spend some time with them, share whatever you have with them, smile at them and let them feel loved in whatever way you can, even if it is by sending them messages on social networks but at least, never make them feel less human. Let your actions and thoughts be directed and motivated by love.

Let your Christmas be all about Christ cos Christ is the reason for Christmas, he is the reason for the season.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas as you keep enjoying and rejoicing in Gods blessings.

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