December 27: GraysBibi’s Day

African Chikito No1

Girls are made out of men
Some are made of men.

Here is to a special friend
The Cutest and Sweetest
Nicest and Friendliest
Freshest and most Adorable

Loving and Kindest
Brightest and Coolest
The most Alluring
Girl I know

Seeing you was like a movie
Meeting you was like a stage play
Talking to you felt like friction
Knowing you was freedom

Words eluded me
Actions failed me
Even my thoughts betrayed me
But a smile from you; always bliss

If I had a great voice
I would have made you a song
Waking you up from sleep
With the sound of my voice behind your window

In the absence of a sweet voice
I present to you this poem
The only voice I know so well
Saying a loud HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you with love.