This Is My Sorry For 2014

This is my sorry for 2014

To all those I loved
But only liked me
To all those I liked
But loved me
I’m sorry

To those I could have made their day brighter
For the missed chance of putting a smile on their faces
The hangout we never had and
The awkward silence
I’m sorry

To the business I could have started
The ones I could have grown and
The people I would have employed
I’m sorry

To all my friends that kept in touch
Those who didn’t and
Those who were left behind
I’m sorry

For the missed love
The ones that walked away and
The ones I left alone
I’m sorry

For the missed opportunities
The forgone alternatives and
Time wasted chasing shadows
I’m sorry

To those I could have made happier
Those whom my word could have changed their world and
Those whom I felt needed no motivation
I’m sorry

For the unpublished articles
The unfinished posts and
The deleted views
I’m sorry

For the good and bad
The tall and short
The black and white
I’m sorry

To all those I’ve offended and
Those that offended me
I’m sorry

2014 has come and gone. It came, we lived it and its on its way to the world of histories. What will you remember 2014 for?

Someday, we will all go to where 2014 is headed, we will become history, what do you want to be remembered for?

Its easier to start afresh in the new year, make use of the opportunity of a fresh start the new year brings to start the journey of where you want to be and what you want to be remembered for.

I wish you all a HaPpY and Prosperous New Year.
God Bless You.