What’s Next?


Giving up is easy. We prefer to give up rather than give in. We engage in so many battles of the mind daily, what we want to do and the results we want from it are not in line with what we were designed for and the work we put into it.

There are many business men out there who feel frustrated once they can’t make money within the first few weeks of starting a business but they forgot that those with the white collar jobs make no money until the end of the month.

Where you are now is not as important as where you are going and where you are going should not be dictated by where you are now, rather you should give in to your dreams, work hard towards its achievement and believe you can make it. Let your destination influence where you are right now, let it influence your actions and attitudes towards it and let it be a motivation to keep on moving.

It is possible for you to miss your way when heading to a place you’ve never been before but where ever you find yourself as a result of the missed road does not dictate where you are heading to. No matter the distance you might have traveled on the wrong way, you do not change your destination to suit your journey, rather you change your journey to be inline with your destination. You either make a U-Turn if possible or you connect to another road that will take you to your destination.

In same light, our life is a journey and our purpose here on earth is the destination. No one likes getting off the bus/ train before arriving at their destination, so also no one wants to die without the fulfilment of purpose.

Search within you, look for that which makes you happy. There is that thing that anytime you do, you feel that’s what you’re meant to do. Yes! It is what you’re meant to do, keep doing it and don’t stop. The more you do it, the better you get at it.

Never let money be your motivation because as to all businesses, there will come a time when it will seem like you’re not making enough or not even making any at all. This point is close to the start of most businesses and once money is your motivation, it will take something out of the ordinary to get you motivated. Little wonder why what appears like brilliant startups do suddenly crash along the line. That’s why we are often advised to do what makes us happy cos at a point, when we ain’t making enough money and it seem there’s no way we can ever make as much as we though we could, that’s the point we all have to draw on our inner strength, the motivation and passion behind our journey into what we do.

Happiness is key, I consider the pursuit of it to be the essence of living. No one has truly lived except he is happy with himself and those around him.

If you’re yet to find what makes you happy, please keep searching and keep looking for it cos as to all matters of the heart, when you do find it, you will know and at that moment, you will realize that nothing is truly worth living for aside happiness.

Stay strong, stay focused, love more and stay happy.