Let Love Be Your Motivation


My dear friends, I will like to encourage you all to look beyond your immediate gains, lust of the flesh and selfish interest/ desires in all that you do.

This life is all about the pursuit of happiness, don’t trade your happiness for silver nor gold, don’t trade it for money nor fame cos after all these, what is next? We seek inner peace which brings about the joy from within, the happiness we all hope, wish and work for.

In your pursuit of happiness, do not deprive others of their happiness. Same measure of happiness you deserve is the same measure of happiness the next person standing by you deserve. Do not rob them of what rightfully belong to them, do not cut their happiness short rather, be an encouragement, be an addition and be a source of happiness to all those around you.

Above everything else, love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, love him with everything that is within you, then love your neighbor as yourself.

Whatever you won’t be happy about when done to you, pls do not do it to others.

Let Love be your watchword and be quick to forgive others.

Happy Sunday friends, God bless you all.