Sad, isn’t It?


Our best friends are often people we are ready to die for, those we can go out of our way to please. We love them, we value them, we respect them and we care about them.

Their views are often our views once we can’t influence what brought about their view. We might argue and even fight but the sounds of our laugh are often louder than the sounds of our voice when arguing.

Disagreements are often seen as a source of entertainment. We argue for fun, make jest of one another, correct each others wrong, tease and help each other to be better humans.

Often times when we find a best friend, maybe in our lover, in a stranger, a family or even in a younger one, we feel the world is ours, the rate at which the world spins doubles and we often neglect the world around us. All we see, feel and live in becomes a world of our own created by the heart of friendship.

More often than not, these type of friends are those we never knew we could be friends with but things happen all of a sudden and its like both of you guys against the world.

It all feels good for a while but after sometime, there appears a crack in the wall. Schedule becomes incredibly tight, one person becomes unavoidably busy and with no time to even pass a word of greeting to the other, then you start wondering if they do remember to breath as their excuses sounds like no excuse at all.

Sometimes rapidly, they disappear into the thin air without saying goodbye but most times, we watch them float away like a piece of paper dropped from the peak of a mountain while they give so many excuses as to why it seem they are saying goodbye.

When we fail to read the writings on the wall, when the love of friendship influence our objective view of what the relationship seem to be turning into and we just want to give excuses for them as to why things are not as rosy as they used to, we end up hurting ourselves.

Goodbyes are hard to say but harder than that is walking away without saying goodbye.

It is hard to see your friend go, it is even harder to see him fading into the thin air and hardest when he’s walking away but still telling you that he’s right there by your side.

If you have a best friend, let them know what they mean to you. If you want a best friend, go out and get one and If you want to take your leave or walk away from the friendship, let them know. Never put a friend in the dark as to where the friendship is heading to cos the emotions running with friendship are often times the strongest of all.

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