A Note To The Nigerian Youths

I pledge to Nigeria my country, To be faithful, loyal and honest. To serve Nigeria will all my strength, To defend her unity, Uphold her honor and glory, So help me God.

The Nigerian Pledge is a solemn promise all Nigerians have taken knowingly or unknowingly, either forced or willingly at one point or the other but how many Nigerians do keep to that which they said virtually everyday of their life as a kid growing up in a Nigerian school.

If you all will agree with me, Nigeria seem to be at the brink of a change yet the change looks bleak.

The faith of the Nigerian Nation lies in the hands of we, the Nigerian youths and the future of this nation is one that will rub off on our future no matter where we go, hide or the citizen of the country we become.

It is obvious that some have chosen to sell their birthright as a Nigerian citizen which is to vote for the one who will buy it for a token, others have simply thrown theirs away by making up their minds not to take part in choosing their leaders while a few are hell-bent on setting their country on fire if their favorite candidate does not win the election.

Not minding the category you fall in, I want you all to remember the solemn promise you all made as an innocent and a happy child, “….To be faithful, loyal and honest. To serve Nigeria will all your strength, To defend her unity and Uphold her honor and glory.

Election, like a game of football is all about a winner and a loser. It should never be a do or die affair.

Let it not be heard that we make enemies of ourselves all because the party a person supports is different from the one you support or because someone supports a candidate that you think he shouldn’t.

All these politicians are like footballers.

We all are familiar with the English Premier League and we have seen players moved from a club to another rivalry club. We saw Sol Campbell moved from Tottenham to Arsenal, Robin Van Persie moved from Arsenal to Manchester United, we have also seen Danny Welbeck insist on a move from Manchester to Arsenal, so also was the case of Tevez who moved from Manchester United to their local rivals, Manchester City not minding how the fans felt.

As the case is with the footballers, it is with the politicians also. We have seen them move from ACN to PDP and from PDP to APC. Cross carpeting to them is like a new born baby, they all rejoice and delight in it.

After a game of football, the players of both clubs shake hands, crack jokes among themselves and exchange shirts but the fans are the ones who fight each other, commit suicide or go ahead to commit murder. It is always the fans that bear the brunt of the loss while the players smile to the bank.

It is this same way the politicians after losing, even though they might go to court, they will still shake hands, invite themselves to be a part of a lunch, to a child’s wedding, or even to become a member of their cabinet yet their supporters will go all wide among themselves, killing each other and causing damages to lives and properties which in no way will affect either the winner of the election nor the loser but will hurt the supporters.

We all know about the relationship that once existed between Olusegun Obasanjo and Ashiwaju Bola Tinubu while they were both President of Nigeria and Lagos state Governor, respectively.

Who would have thought that Tinubu will ever pay Obasanjo a visit or that Obasanjo will ever allow Tinubu into his house not to talk of hosting and deliberating with him on the way to move Nigeria forward.

It is no news that the President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and the former President, Olusegun Obasanjo had issues and became a sort of public enemies, with Obasanjo writing open letters to GEJ and GEJ seeking court injunctions against the lunching and distribution of Obadanjo’s latest book.

It is also no news that GEJ went to beg Obasanjo for forgiveness. Yet there are people who have said what they shouldn’t have said and have wronged one of them just to show their support for the other. Now that they have settled their dispute, what’s the faith of such individual?

Such is the case of the politicians of our time.

As youths, we have to make sure that we do not allow any politician turn us against each other. We should never allow ourselves to be used. We should not be the ones who’s head will be used to crack the coconut open, rather, we should be the ones to defend the unity of our beloved country as we have pledged as a kid.

They all know the importance of the youths in a society and that is why they are all clamoring for the youths support with the claim that they love us.

It doesn’t really matter if they love us or not as they have shown that when in power, we have no say.

Such is the case of the fuel subsidy protest tagged occupy Nigeria when they refused to listen to our pleas. Rather, while we were asleep, they sent soldiers to take over our protest grounds or should we talk about the incessant killings in the north which they all have turned into political weapon with so many youths like you and me being killed daily by some local untrained and uncultured rats who parade themselves as boko haram.

It is time for us to stand-up for what is right and be counted among the good people in the land.

Enough of the politicization of all the issues being faced by our beloved country.

Enough of being used as an instrument of destruction and of winning election. If you allow yourself to be used, you will be dumped when they get there and whatever injury or loss you inflict on yourself in the course of being used, you will bear the brunt alone.

Think twice before you engage in electoral malpractice or/ and electoral violence. If they say you have to take the law into your hands, tell them to lead you by example. Let them, their wives and their children  be at the forefront of the outburst. I assure you, none of them will follow you and you will not even see their children as most of them are in a foreign land.

An adage says “he who pays the piper dictates the tune“. The politicians are the piper while we are the ones to pay them with our vote so as to be able to dictate the tune of their governance and not them paying for our vote ‘cos once they pay for our votes either with a bag of rice, a stove, promise of stomach infrastructure or even with money, they will dictate the tune and we will have no other choice than to dance along with them.

So think before you do it. Do not sell your vote. Do not vote on religious ground. Do not vote based on the ethnic divide. Your vote is your right. Your vote is your voice. Make a BOLD STATEMENT with it.