Can You Relate?

“Someone may rise from poverty to become king of his country, or go from prison to the throne, but if in his old age he is too foolish to take advice, he is not as well off as a young man who is poor but intelligent. I thought about all the people who live in this world, and I realized that somewhere among them there is a young man who will take the king’s place. There may be no limit to the number of people a king rules; when he is gone, no one will be grateful for what he has done. It is useless. It is like chasing the wind.” – Ecclesiastes 4:13-16 (GNT)

Ever since I came across this scripture, it has been a daily dose of inspired new meanings, yet I can’t help but wonder how well the situation in Nigeria fits into this.

First, it was the man from the prison who became the President. After him came the man who rose from poverty to become the Deputy Governor of his state, then he became the Governor. After which he moved up to become the Vice President and moved up again to be crowned the President.

So I ask, can you relate?

Someone‘ in this context seem to be a group. A party who’s identity at a particular time is defined by the identity of the lead character in the party; the President. While ‘Somewhere‘ refers to a geographical area, a territory, a nation or a country.

Then I ask again, can you relate?

Have a look at this;

The Message Bible has it written as;

“A poor youngster with some wisdom is better off than an old but foolish king who doesn’t know which end is up. I saw a youth just like this start with nothing and go from rags to riches, and I saw everyone rally to the rule of this young successor to the king. Even so, the excitement died quickly, the throngs of people soon lost interest. Can’t you see it’s only smoke? And spitting into the wind?” – Ecclesiastes 4:13-16 (MSG)

Can you relate? Do you see the smoke? What do you think?