Chasing The Wind

Growing up
He was a fisher man’s son
With no shoes on his feet
Trekked to school barefooted
And queued for hours to get free milk

He graduated with Doctorate
A PHD holder of Zoology
He is a lecturer
Turned politician
And now the king of his country.

‘They say‘he is clueless
They say‘ he is corrupt
He said there’s nothing like corruption
And that corruption is different from stealing.

He denied people of their constitutional right
Their right to protest and hold peaceful gathering
Sent soldiers to take up their protest grounds
And threatened the striking workers with dismissal.

6 years in office
He’s still working
All his promise 4 years ago
Are still work in progress

He delights in setting up panels
Their findings are his shelf decorations
His words are like the fallen egg
Once dropped, they are useless.

All his political achievements are well documented
They are said to be like MP3
You can only hear them
You can not see nor feel them

The people are getting impatient
His time seem to be running out
They are ready to use their legal right
To vote him out of office

The kings palace is sweet
He does not want to leave the seat
But as to all things that has a beginning
His tenure will surely come to an end someday.

When he leaves the throne
Will you be grateful for what he has done
Or will you term it as being useless
It is like Chasing The Wind.

Inspired by the article Can You Relate?