The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know is one of the various lies and antics the elders use in retaining the loyalty of the kids.

They say this to instill fear in oppositions and restrict the capability of one in desiring a change in order to get one stuck to that one thing that they have made you to believe is the only reasonable option.

We all know Nigeria deserve a change.

We Nigerians desire a change, we talk about the change but do we actually act towards the achievement of the change?

I said in one of my articles (Fuel Subsidy: For The Greater Good) in January 2012 that the Nigerian Spirit is the spirit of complain and comply, the spirit of ‘e go better’. Nigerians are so good at complaining about just anything yet so eager and ready to comply and live with it.

Nigerians are good at leaving the real issues and talking/ judging people based on ethnic sentiments, religious view, obvious propaganda, selfish interest and majority of Nigerians follow the bandwagon.

If you’ve got a loud voice, Nigerians will follow you. If it is on TV or in the News, Nigerians will believe it. You play the victim, Nigerians will pity you, feel for you, believe all you say and then follow you. If you can appeal to their emotion, you’ve got their support.

Some Nigerian Christians are scared of voting Buhari come February 14 all because the ruling party is saying Buhari will Islamize Nigeria, so they ain’t sure of what they as citizens of Nigeria will get from him.

The bible says ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge’. Someone should please help me read Hosea 4:6 to the hearing of everyone, including the Pastors.

If Buhari as a military head of state, ruling via decree never Islamized Nigeria and in fact refused the pleas of Muslim countries (Saudi Arabia) to join the OIC, then how come he will Islamize Nigeria during a democratic government where all decisions will have to pass through the house where it will go through various readings and processes before being adopted?

He never tried to Islamize his cook and driver of many years who are both Christians. He, being an Hausa man allowed his daughter to marry a Christian and an Igbo man at that. If he never tried to islamize all these people, then how come he will Islamize Nigeria?

Goodluck - oic

The Nigeria Delegates lead by President Goodluck who attended the OIC Summit in Cairo, 2013

Rather, it is our Christian President, President Goodluck Johnathan that has been attending the OIC meetings, leading the Nigeria delegates to the Muslim countries meeting yet no one is talking about that.

In 2013, President Goodluck Jonathan led Nigeria’s delegation to the OIC Islamic Summit held in Cairo, Egypt. See the attendance list here, 2013 OIC Summit attendance list.

Some people have asked me that don’t I think Buhari will be another Goodluck who care less about the citizens and watch as those he govern are being slaughtered like chickens.

Will Buhari be worse off or will he be a better leader?

We all can keep making guesses and calculated intelligent guesses based on his antecedents and that’s curbing corruption and instilling discipline among other things, but the truth of the matter is that if you never take the risk, if you never try the unknown, the result will always remain the same. It will never be different from past results and you will never know if there are better opportunities at the other side.

You can’t follow the same route and expect to get to a different destination, that’s absolutely impossible.

If you want to get to a different destination, you have to change your route. So also if you want the situation of Nigeria to be different from what it is now, it is necessary that you vote for change.

There is no way a student who has failed woefully and does not know or believe he failed will come out tops in his next exams. Since he believe his last performance was perfect, he will never do anything different from what he has been doing and the result will also remain the same.

That’s the story of the current President who has failed and does not believe he has failed. To him, failure is success so how do you convince him to believe otherwise?

The beginning of failure is not accepting ones mistakes.

A leader fails woefully once he start putting the blame of his teams failure on others rather than accepting the failure of his team so as to be able to tackle it head on.

I will like to relate the current happenings in Nigeria to the happenings in Manchester United under David Moyes.

David Moyes was celebrated and tagged the chosen one after he was selected as the man to succeed the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson in Manchester United but he failed woefully on the job that he was sacked before the end of his first season at the club.

Though some believed he was doing a good job with the players he had and was rebuilding the team but that was not enough excuse to let him remain at the club, he couldn’t complete a year with them.

Now, Manchester United has another Manager in the person of Van Gaal and even though Manchester United still receive criticism week-in, week-out, they have been able to make considerable advancement and are back among the top 4 clubs on the table in the English Premier League.

Goodluck is like David Moyes who people believed in but failed them while Buhari is the Van Gaal who people think is too old for the job but has been able to prove that he’s got more good to offer.

We can’t say just yet if Buhari is Nigeria’s messiah and we also can’t say if he is not. That is the unknown people are scared of but we can say he is a better man and a threat to the ruling party as their campaign is always geared towards blackmailing Buhari and getting him disqualified which they have failed to achieve, rather they keep making him (Buhari) popular the more.

If the fear of the unknown has stopped Manchester United from sacking David Moyes, same way some Nigerians are scared of voting for Buhari, then Manchester United will this season again struggle to remain a mid table team.

As a country, this might be the final chance we have for a peaceful revolution which the ruling party are relentlessly working against and are bent on retaining power at all cost.

First, they threatened us with war if Goodluck does not win the election, then they tried all they could to get Buhari disqualified. When all their efforts seem fruitless, they pushed that the election be postponed. Now, they are on a mission to blackmail Buhari, saying all sorts of untrue things about him.

Buhari being a Muslim has exhibited more Christian-like behaviour more than our Christian President who is now jumping from one church to the other and meeting with various pastors in different places.

Buhari keeps advocating for peace, telling us his plans for us while Goodluck has refused to tell us all he has done in the last 6 years as the President of Nigeria but only saying he will do more.

This I ask, more of what does the President want to do?

More of saying corruption is not stealing and he does not believe in corruption? Or more of watching Boko Haram kill and kidnap our brothers and sisters in the north? Or more of panel creation whose report will be swept under the carpet?

Did his bible not tell him to love his neighbor as himself? Did his bible not tell him that as a leader, the security and welfare of his people are his responsibility?
How come he has refused to visit Maduguri in the last 4 years only to go there this year to campaign.

How does one who does not believe in corruption and said that corruption is different from stealing now come out to tell us he has been fighting corruption. Can you fight what u believe does not exist?

They deceived the electorate in 2011, that can be accepted to be a mistake but will you allow them to deceive you again?

Charles Soludo, the former Governor of Central Bank asked a question which I will like to repeat.

If Johnathan wins this election based on the propaganda that Buhari being a Muslim will Islamize Nigeria, does that mean that Nigeria will never have a Muslim president again? or does it mean PDP will not present a Northerner as their presidential candidate come 2019?

This change has been long overdue and the earlier we embrace this change, the better for us as a country.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F. Kennedy

PS: “This change that is upon us can only be made possible with your PVC (Permanent Voters Card)”. – Babatunde Raji Fashola