Am I a success?

What is success?

We all see success as achievements, the positive end result of whatever we do and the positive approval of those we believe or value their judgment about us.

We believe success is about coming out on top of the competitive list, we view success as getting the highest returns on investments in resources or activities.

True success is in the act of trying. Results or what we term to be success is only one of the numerous benefits of trying.

We are not on earth to compete. We don’t exist to be better than others and we weren’t created to find weakness in other people nor in their activities.

We were created to compliment others, to love and in all the trueness of love, we have to live our lives to the fullest and even die for what we were created for; love.

We all want to be loved either for who we are or for what we have, though a good number of people go for the latter.

Success does not come with insecurity, rather success comes with joy and happiness.

You can be among the words wealthiest 7% and yet still feel unsuccessful.

The abundance of money does not guarantee true success yet, it is easier and better to cry in the comfort of your room than to cry in the scorching sun underneath the bridge.

True success is in appreciating what you do with a joyful heart and a happy mind without seeing others as a threat.

If you are successful, you will be happy and proud of what you do with no fear of repercussion.

However, it is important that in searching and working towards success, we should also work towards becoming financially independent and one that others can be dependent on.

In order words, true success is in the ability to love what you do, how you do it, not surviving on but making a lifestyle out of it within the reasonable confines of the law and deriving unquestionable satisfaction from every stage of the process involve.

Humans are designed to be successful with an element of creativity.

Once you start seeing others as a threat or competitor, that creative strength in you as human gets divided into two with one half working ‘creatively’ to destroy the work of the other just so you may use that as a stepping stone to rise, thereby limiting your overall creativity strength.

The moment you realize that the work of those ahead of you are stepping stones for you and a fast track to greater height, that very moment you embark on a journey to being successful.

Success is in stages and phases. Each forward step is a success recorded but not documented.

Learn to appreciate your achievements every step of the way, by that you will be able to eliminate the fear of not achieving your desired big picture and then you will realize that success is always inside of you.