February 25: Taiwo’s Day


Just like seasons
Friends come, friends go
But some remain a part of you
Even when you don’t see nor hear from them

I am blessed to have such a friend
In distance
I know she cares
In her
I learnt love and happiness

As long as you are human
You can be her friend
She’s got an *endless heart
With a complimentary charming smile

I have never seen her angry
I have never seen her sad
The happiest people I know
She introduced them to me

The best people in life
Are said to be in strange places
I did not meet her in a strange place
She stood out in a crowd

Meeting people
I have met a whole lot
But she set a standard for friendship
Which no one has been able to match

Taiwo Adebimpe Layade
I celebrate you today my dearest friend
As you add a year to your age
Greater goodness shall follow you
In blessed joy and happiness

As we all can see
Great things are happening around you
Greater things are in store for you
A future greater than present
You are destined for greatness in Jesus name.

PS: Where the party at?

*Endless Heart: A large heart has an end but hers has got no end. She’s accommodating, friendly, jovial and loving. She’s one of Gods special gift to mother earth.