What is you life worth?

I have heard people ask themselves this question and even argue over it while also picking up a fight.

Every person has a price and whatever your price is, that is the value of your life.

I used to believe that we all had a monetary price tag and until that price is mentioned, our guard will be up and we will not compromise but once the price is mentioned, we will accept and be bought over.

Over time, I have come to understand that money can not buy everything and not all price tags are in monetary terms. That is why people employ tactics such as ’emotional blackmail’ in order to win people over to their side.

As Christians you have to understand that no money is worth your life. You have been bought over by the blood of Christ and whatever is not above Christ can not buy you.

The value of your life is Christ. He died for your sins so that you might live.

Be a good Ambassador of Christ, live life on the right lane, respect your elders, love your neighbours as yourself, do evil to no one and always stand true to your words.