What is Love?

Love has been one of the most debated subjects in human history, yet no two people see love as meaning or being same thing.

Love has been defined as (1) A strong feeling of affection, (2) A great interest and pleasure in something, (3) A feeling of deep affection or sexual interest for someone.

Love is said to be more than all these definitions. Some have attempted to group and differentiate a kind of love from another, hence the use of words such as Platonic Love, Agape Love, etc.

Love is more than feelings. Feelings come and go, if you love someone based on the way you feel about them, what happened when the feelings go or when they make you feel bad and unimportant?

Love is dynamic, situational, strategic, opinionated but above all;

Love is a choice, it is a decision we make in accepting the invisible and making the invisible visible through our gestures, behaviors, speeches, actions and reactions.

~ (Tola Adetayo, 2015)

Love is first a choice, it is not forced on anyone. It is a decision we make to give importance to someone or something.

Love is more than feelings, though feelings might lead us in the way of making the decision but it involves accepting the invisible which include things we can not see with our naked eyes and things that are kept away from us which might become visible after the decision to love has been taken and making the invisible visible. This means showing through our words, behaviors, actions and reactions that we value that  (person or thing) which we have decided to love and working along a path that will lead them to happiness.

Love is not measured by the sacrifices you feel/ think you are making, love is measure by the impart of your sacrifices on your love.

Don’t wait to be loved. Love without expecting to be loved in return. When you are loved without expecting to be, it becomes more valuable and seen as a privilege rather than an obligation.

Laugh by making people happy and not just when you are made happy.

It is not enough to tell people that you love them, let your actions, reactions and behavior also show that you love them.

Don’t get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing ~ (Oladapo Oyebanjo, 2008)