Happiness; A Mirage?


By definition, Happiness is that which you don’t see but feel. It is a feeling of absolute joy.

Sometimes, Happiness is like a mirage, the closer you think you get, the further away it goes.

At a point, you might see it very close, its right there in front of you, you close your eyes and ready to embrace it with wide smile, then poof! Its gone before you could figure it all out and you’re back on its trail.

I have heard phases like ‘Pursuit of happiness‘ and ‘Search for happiness‘ but none in the real sense has been able to give the exact location or territory where happiness resides.

Contrary to popular believe, Happiness is more than a feeling, Happiness is an expression, a living word.

No one can search for happiness without first, discovering himself/herself and then learning to appreciate the little things in life by showing real appreciation for them.

Just like the saying about love, ‘Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it eludes you‘.

Happiness is within, no one can make you happy if you don’t make yourself happy.

There was a time when people do complain that I don’t laugh, not even to jokes that are widely accepted as being funny. I never wanted to be caught laughing anyhow, I wanted to be seen as being serious always but even though I felt a sense of fulfilment as I was being viewed the way I wanted, I wasn’t totally happy as I could not totally express my feelings.

Now, I have been able to find a balance between being serious and being happy which has also have an effect on my writings and my thoughts.

Happiness makes thinking easy, it gives the mind flexibility and makes you a better person.

We all have it, you have it and I have it. Happiness lives inside of you. You don’t have to go chasing waterfalls, the rivers and lakes are as good as well.

Learn to appreciate what you have rather than concentrating on what you don’t have.

What you appreciates appreciate and what you do not appreciate depreciate.

Do not lose your happiness while trying to chase it ‘cos Happiness is like a mirage, the more you chase it, the further away it gets.