Hard Life?


‘A picture is worth more than a thousand words’ they say, this picture above is worth more than a million thoughts. It is much more than hustling, it is the quest for survival.

So many times we are faced with a little challenge or the other and we feel life is hard, life is unfair and full of hardship but how hard can life be?

What are you faced with in life that makes your life hard?

The late rapper, ‘Notorious B.I.G‘ said in one of his popular hits (More Money, More Problems) that ‘the more money we come across, the more problems we see‘.

Though he seem to be right in a way but what he called problems are simply desires and aspirations, not problems.

The more money you have, the more desires, aspirations, wants and the struggle to be better than the other man you will work towards.

More money does not translate to more problems but our selfish desires as human does.

Yet, how hard is your life?

You spend 3 hours in traffic everyday to get to your ‘air conditioned’ workplace and you think life is hard, some people trekked longer distance and time to get to the farm where they will work as labourer under the hot sun all day just so they could eat a meal a day.

You subject yourself to physical exercise and hunger strike just to keep fit and get in shape, yet you feel life is hard.

There are people whose last meal was 4 days ago and they don’t even have an idea when or where their next meal will come from.

If you are reading this message, your life is not hard. Where you are is someone else’s prayer point.

I am not saying you should stay where you are, rather what I am advocating for is that you aim higher, go on and be a better person in terms of wealth, desires, aspirations, relationships, but more so, do all these things with a positive and a winner mindset.

Take a moment to reflect on the picture above. Do you think the kids still have parents? If they do, do you think they still know their parents? Or if the kids can be like this, then in what condition will their parents be?

Those in this picture are little kids who’s parents most likely would have died of hunger while struggling for the survival of their kids.

Most times when we are faced with schooling, working, making money, getting richer, staying in shape, finding love, being famous, attaining a higher position, winning a political office, securing a contract or even knowing who we are, etc we feel life is hard.

I ask again, how hard can life get?

Kids whose bone are visible right under their flesh who have no cloths to wear are out there struggling for survival while you are here not even taking a moment to appreciate all you have, the smartphones, smart cards, smart cars, smartapps, just name it, plus some other nice things, yet you think your life is hard.

You have decided to concentrate on what’s lost and what’s not there rather than appreciate what it is.

You prefer to cry and blame yourself over a love that’s lost/ gone rather than seeing the opportunity of getting to meet a more appreciative and better love.

Suddenly, your car is no longer up to your standard all cos your friend got a better one, then you struggle to meet up with the so called standard and you say life is hard.

Few things go wrong then you close your eyes to all the right things around you and you say, life is hard.