The People’s General

Slim and tall
Fresh and calm
White and blue
You already know who he is

He was once the head of state
A military dictator
Who introduced discipline
And fought corruption

Yes! He ruled with decree
But the economy strived
Gave no room for corruption
He is a Nigerian at heart

Discipline was lost
People defecated anywhere
Board public transport by jumping in through the window
And even climbed over themselves

Chaos here and there
Fighting in public places
The order of things were lost
But he introduced W.A.I (War Against Indiscipline)

My parents were surprised
My grandfather couldn’t believe it
That the Nigerian people will ever be orderly in public places
The Peoples General brought about this.

A blind man can be mislead
A deceived electorate will always be misgoverned
A man who does not believe in corruption
Is a thief with pen and paper.

He had no dollars to put in our pockets
Even if he had, he said he won’t give us
He served this country with integrity
Giving to us more than we could give to him.

He made no promise of stomach infrastructure
He made no promise of airports in all states
He is ready to prove to us that Nigeria can work
By fighting corruption and unemployment.

A former head of state
With no foreign bank account
Sounds unbelievable, right?
He couldn’t even afford N27m on his own.

Have you read what others said about him?
Even His Excellency,
President Goodluck Johnathan said:
Buhari is “a true patriot, respected former Head of State, revered elder statesman and nationalist”

It’s your choice
You can decide to stay blind
Being in darkness is synonymous to being in blindness
If you truly seek a better Nigeria
We need to fight corruption
But do you think our corrupt leaders want us to?

They don’t want to be probed
They are scared of going to prisons
They said they will fight corruption with technology
Yet they are fighting against the use of card readers for election

Change is here
And it has come to stay
It is the change we all have been waiting for
It signifies the birth of the Nigeria of our dreams.

I present to you a man of integrity
I present to you a man of peace
I present to you a man with no proven corrupt practice
I present to you The Peoples General
The General Muhamadu Buhari we all know

General Muhammadu Buhari of NigeriaMUHAMMADU-BUHARI-rtd-General-ex-hd-of-state-NIGERIA