Don’t Give Up


Heroes of success are not those who tried it once and got it right. Heroes of success are those who fell over the wrong side of trying over and over again before getting it right.

There are a lot of failures out there who believe their failure is a success and it has been accepted as success but only your being able to identify your failure makes you a step closer to becoming a success.

What do I mean by failures are being accepted as success?

I grew up in an environment where telling a man ‘May your road be rough‘ is seen as a prayer. This means that whatever it is you will have or whatever height you will attain in life, you will work hard and struggle for it and even though you fall on the way, you will get up and keep moving. So when you do not have those ‘rough roads’, it means you have learnt nothing and therefore have nothing to give nor hold on to. No experience to educate others or help/ guide them with, and there will be no success story to tell.

A Yoruba adage says ‘what we do not work or suffer for will not last but what we work hard to get is what stays with us‘.

I have learnt that “

Life is not measured by gain but loss. Not by the wine drunk, but by the wine poured forth. For love’s strength standeth in love’s sacrifice. And whosever suffereth most hath most to give.” ~ Hudson Taylor

This means that life is not measured by the height you attain but by the number of falls, sacrifices and mistakes you made on your way to attaining that height. It is who falls/ suffers the most that has got the most experience and advice to help others with in attaining that height he has attained.

Whatever it is you have been struggling with, keep up at it and don’t give up.

If you are convinced that what you are doing is what you are made to do, then keep doing it. Failure is a lesson, it is a name given to life experiences which are said to be the best teacher.

The former president of India;

A.P.J Abdul Kalam once said
“What is the secret of success?
Right decisions.
How do you make right decisions?
How do you gain experience?
Wrong decisions”

Notable successful people have failed at a point in their life and in their career but rather than allowing the failure to define them, they made it a stepping stone to raise higher and one to prove to people that they have no right to define them.

I will like to encourage you today, take a look at the life of some of these people, read up their stories, take a clue and be determined to be successful in whatever you are doing.


Personally, I see failure as learning on the job. What do you see it as?