Shake It Off

There is this popular story about a farmer and his donkey that fell into a deep dry well.

The donkey cried pitifully while the famer tried to figure out what to do but after hours of trying, the famer concluded that the well was too deep and getting the donkey out was almost impossible. Besides, the donkey was old and the deep dry well needed to be covered up to prevent such occurrence again, so the farmer concluded on burying the donkey alive by covering the well.

He called all his neighbours to help out in covering the well. They each grabbed a shovel and began to toss sand into the well.

On realizing this, the donkey began to bray bitterly and horribly knowing that the end has come but after a while, the donkey went quiet.

With eyes full of tears, the farmer looked down the well after some few loads of sand that was more than enough to bury the donkey but was surprised at what he saw.

With every load of sand that hits the donkeys back, the donkey will shake it off and step on it.

As the famer and his neighbors continued to shovel sand on the donkey, he kept shaking it off and stepping on it. Soon enough, the donkey shook off the last shovel of sand, stepped on it and took a step out of the well.

So many times when we make mistakes, when the situation seem not to be in our favour, people tend to treat us badly, they are quick to throw dirt at us, they talk us down and like the donkey reacted at first, we stay right under the dirt, cry bitterly and get buried  under it.

Unlike the donkey, some still fail to realize that the dirt; discouraging words and bad treatment we get from others, no matter how hard they hit us or how bad they make us feel, they are meant to serve as our stepping atone. We are to shake them off, step on them, make them our motivation and reason to keep on moving and climbing up.

If the farmer had not decided to bury the donkey, the donkey would have remained in the pit and probably die of hunger. If we do not have those that will throw dirt at us, we might not be motivated to try harder but rather stay where we are while our passion burns out on us.

When people throw dirt at you, when they pass those wrong comments and discouraging words, rather than cry, you have to shake it off just like the donkey and step on it.