Nigeria Election 2015: The Worlds Business


As Nigeria decides who will be her next President come May 29, the world stays alert taking notes of the actions, gestures, speeches and reactions of the two major political parties while constantly reminding them of the importance of a free, fair, credible and violence free election.

Some few days back, the US President, Barrack Obama was shown in a video saying he is talking to the people of Nigeria where he emphasises the importance of a free and fair election that must be violence free. He said it is important that the people of Nigeria don’t take part in violence in any form.

This was also one of the major point of discussion in the UK and in the Europe as a whole. The ECOWAS, China, Saudi Arabia, etc were also among the countries emphasising the importance of having an election that is free, fair and violence free in Nigeria.

One then wonders why the world all of a sudden seem to show more interest in Nigeria at this particular time and more so, seem to be more concerned about Nigeria’s election even more than the government of Nigeria.

The answer is not far fetched.

The build up to this election has been one with hate speeches, blackmail, propaganda, individual/ personality attacks, lies, threats of war and violence. Surprisingly, all these have been coming from the ruling party to the opposition.

The truth remains that Nigeria is at the brink of either succeeding as a nation or be torn apart.

Nigeria’s success and peace means well for the people of Nigeria and also for other countries of the world.

What do I mean by this?

Let’s take for instance, the case of boko haram insurgence in the Northern part of Nigeria which have seen several thousands of people fleeing into neighbouring countries like Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

The Niger government has been crying out for help as the well over 100,000 Nigerian refugees on their soil have had a great and negative impact on their economy.

This is the greatest fear of the world. If violence erupts in Nigeria as a result of the elections, it won’t be like the case of the 7 local government as we have seen in the north. It will be more like the situation in Syria where there are the government forces on one hand, the peoples forces on the other hand and ISIS at the center.  It will be the whole Nigeria nation in commotion and on the battle field, thereby leading to the Nigerian people seeking refugee status and migrating to other countries with the most preferred choice being any of the European countries or the US.

The Europe and US knowing fully well that aside allowing Nigerian’s as refugees on their soil, they will also have to invest in humanitarian activities to those still living in Nigeria which will also have an impact on their economy as their tax payers money will have to be put into less infrastructure or developmental use in their country but to humanitarian use in Nigeria and also be a part of the war, either by fighting insurgents which would be growing at a geometric progression (see the case of ISIS) or supporting the people in the fight against both the government and the insurgents (remember the threats of war from the Niger-Delta militants; Asari Dokubo and Tompolo should in case their candidate; Goodluck Johnathan fails to emerged the winner of the election). There will also be the problem of migration as any black migrant can easily claim to be a Nigerian.

Violence in Nigeria means a suitable atmosphere for the Nigeria local terrorist group, boko haram. It will also provide the group with a suitable breeding ground just like the one present in Syria which the ISIS banked on and grew fat on.

Being the most populous black nation on the face of the earth, an unstable Nigeria means an unstable world. It is said that both the US and the UK can not handle the population of Lagos which is just one of the 36 states that made up the country called Nigeria.

Any violence that erupts as a result of this coming election, if not quickly handled and suppressed might lead to a great civil war as the country has already been divided on religious and ethnic lines.

We should also have it at the back of our mind that some days ago, the local ‘security’ group popularly known as OPC (Oduwa Peoples Congress) hit the street of Lagos brandishing guns, cutlass, charms and various weapons of war all in support of the current president, Goodluck Johnathan while also destroying the campaign posters and bill boards of the opposition party.

Based on all these, I will like to echo what all other countries have been on and call on all the youths in Nigeria to please stay away from any form of violence, the adults should please educate, encourage and monitor their children, family members and/ or even their neighbours to please stay away from violence as it is only in the peace of Nigeria can we all gain.

There is no winner in war, it is a lose-lose situation but if we conduct ourselves peacefully enough, 4 years will soon be over and done with then we will head back to the polls.

Another 4years with this current administration might not mean well for the good of Nigeria but violence and war does not also mean well for Nigeria and more so, that the heavens will fall is not one mans business (says a Yoruba adage). We all will be a part of either the development or the downfall of Nigeria, we will all feel it and we will all live it and even pass it down to the unborn generation.

It is your right to vote, it is also your right to vote for a candidate of your choice but wisdom demands that you look beyond religion and ethnic views and vote for the best candidate, the candidate with the interest of the whole country at heart, the candidate that stand for and represent the good of Nigeria. 

Please Vote not fight and make use of your thumb, not your fist.

May God save Nigeria.