#NigeriaDecides: Change 2015

For almost 5days, I have been off. I have been busy following the updates of the Nigeria 2015 elections and I am proud to say that I am a part of Nigeria’s history.

I had to travel several kilometers to where I registered as a voter in 2011 just to be able to cast my vote for the candidate of my choice and against all odds and warnings, I stood back after casting my votes so as to be a part of the counting and recording process which were all done using the flashlight from our various phones, there was no power, no electricity.

The last time I was this happy was in 1993 when MKO Abiola won the general elections and though I was a kid then, I was a fan of MKO. His SDP (Social Democratic Party) ad campaign was the best and even as a kid, I could identify with some of the things they mentioned which include lack of clean drinkable water but the election was annulled.

I had my fears which I couldn’t keep inside of me. I was scared this (Change 2015) could go the way Hope ’93 went. I was scared for Nigeria, I was scared of what might follow, I was scared of what the future might be for Nigeria and Nigerians.

I told people that I will not be rejoicing if Buhari is declared winner cos I am scare there might be a repeat of Hope ’93, I will wait till he assumes office before celebrating but here I am, while we are all waiting for the final results, I seem not to be able to hold the joy in me.

I will like to use this medium to congratulate the Nigerian people both home and abroad. It is the dawn of a new era and I am absolutely sure that the CHANGE we all want and the HOPE we had in ’93 are here with us and I’m convinced that NIGERIA WILL BE GREAT AGAIN!!!