The supporters delight
The scorers joy
The keepers nightmare
The coaches job security

We all have a goal
A goal we must score
We train and work tirelessly for it
So we might score in the net of life

It might look blurry
Not even a glimpse of it around
No net to kick the ball into
Shortsightedness might just be getting worse

We have been taught never to give up
Persistence is our way of life
Cos when the going gets tough,
Only the tough gets going; they say

Life is like a game of football
We all have our roles to play
Players, keepers, ball boys, technical crew, managers, owners and even spectators
Makes football a successful event

A failure today
Sets you up for a win tomorrow
But a win today
If not properly managed can lead to failure

We all love to score
But more important than scoring is winning
The ultimate goal of a team
Is to win the match

If you don’t score today
You can still score tomorrow
Cos as in the game of football
The post will always be there.