Wait For It


The Time is Coming QUICKLY!!!
It may seem slow in coming but WAIT for it; it will CERTAINLY TAKE PLACE and IT WILL NOT BE DELAYED!!

Have you been asking God why it seem slow and why things seem not to be working out now?

There is always a time for everything. If Steve Jobs had succeeded in his first attempt in running Apple, probably the company won’t be what it is today but he didn’t succeed then because it was not the appointed time. When the appointed time came, his unceremonious removal from the company mattered not, he was reinstated and he took the company to its next level which even his competitors had to admire and follow his path so that they might stay in the industry.

Be patient, hold strong to your faith and keep working and praying, your appointed time is fast approaching.

Write down your dreams, set out your goals, keep working towards it, so that when the appointed time comes, you won’t be caught wanting and doing nothing.

You are a child of destiny and you are destined for greatness.

There are times you might feel there is a delay but remember that it is written, ‘it will certainly take place and it will not be delayed‘ so please, don’t time God, rather prepare for the appointed time so that when it comes, it will be an easy ride.