What Will You Be Remembered For?

The unwanted visitor
A price every man must pay
A debt we owe by living
From the day we were born
Till the day we die
The thought of death lingers in our heart

Humans live life like its unending
We live today for tomorrow
Robbing today of its rest
We work so hard to attain an height
An height we might never fully attain
We want that gold
We want that ride
We want that house
We want that money
We want that fame
We want to attain that height
But after all these
What else?

Have you ever thought of your death?
What do you want to be remembered for?
What will people say about you?
Will you be missed or soon forgotten?
Will you be celebrated or mocked?

Life and death
Living and dying
So easy, yet so complex
Living as if death will never come and
Dying like we never lived
But when you die
What will you be remembered for?

PS: A thought at an outing service.