HaPpY Ending!!! (2010)

Days are here
Nights are over
Sleepless nights with quiet times
Never knew there will be light at the end of the tunnel

The tunnel seems unending
Legs tired, eyes blinking
Hands shriving, mind wandering
Never knew hope could be lost
Till it seems so far away

Your days are over
My days are near
Drawing closer than the snail
Moving faster than the plane
It will fall on you like the rain

I’ve seen worst days
You’ve seen better days
Now is the time to switch roles
Hope you do play your part well

Like Shakespeare’s Macbeth
You feel you are above the world
You seem to be outta this world kindda person
Not knowing the end of your reign is here

As seen on TV
It looks like a comic play
But like a fairy tale
There will always be HaPpY Endings ever after.