The Inevitable End (2011)

The inevitable end
A price every living thing must pay
It is one of the most frequently used words of the english language
It answers where it is not called
Visit places where it is not needed
It knowns no king nor servant
Spares no magician nor millionaire
It respects no status
It is the only fair judge here on earth.

We play hard and work harder
We all want to make more money than we spend
We want to be rich
Then we want to be wealthy
We also want to be seen as a man/woman of influence
We want to write our names in the sky
Leave our footprints on the sands of time
While we pray our face will one day make it into the Forbes magazine

Have you ever sit to think about your own death?
If you do, how do you feel?
Do you feel pleased that you will be made
Or do u feel like its all a waste?
All you’ve worked and laboured for
But if you think of your death by now
Will you ever love to work?
Cos when death comes calling
Noting else dies with you aside your ego
Yet, we’ve got no choice
Cos death, is an inevitable end