Happiness; A Way of Travel


There was a time I felt happiness was about the big achievements, so I was always busy with one thing or the other trying to work my way up to achieve more than expected of me. I lived for so many years this way, the achievements will come and happiness won’t be in the reward package, then I will have to start all over again with the hope that if I invest more, then the package will come in full with happiness in it.

This continued for a while until I understood the concept of happiness. While I was on a research on why I seem less than happy when compared to those who achieved less than I did, I came about the concept of ‘The happy peasant and the miserable millionaire‘.


The concept of the happy peasant and the miserable millionaire simply states that money is not a source of happiness, it is your attitude towards life that dictates your happiness.

It is not everyone that gets to his or her destination that ends up happy, some are more frustrated at their destination than they were when they started the journey.

There are people who live a frustrated and miserable life ‘cos they do not understand the concept of happiness. Some think happiness is all about the things one can afford in life, they think its about the riches, fancy cars and houses, fame, parties and all sort, forgetting that ‘the rich also cry’.

Yes! It might seem better to cry in a limousine than on a bicycle but the reality is that the one who cries on a bicycle has a higher chance of been seen by an helper; a good Samaritan that might help him but the one crying in a limousine, if he does not call for help will most likely not get one.

Happiness is not always about the money nor what you have, it is about being contented with what you have.

Happiness is not about where you are, it is about how happy you are with how you got there.

Happiness is not about the things you see but your perception about them, not about where you are going but your attitude towards the processes of getting there, it is not the destination that matters but the journey.


What do you look forward to; the destination or the journey?