God Blessed Nigeria #GodBlessNigeria

I just finished reading some of the stories from the ‘Humans of New York’ Facebook page and I must say, Nigeria in all her troubles have been greatly blessed.

When you read stories of Syrians fleeing to Europe, their encounters on the way, what pushed them out of their country and how they manage to even make it to Europe in the face of death, you definitely will know that Nigeria still standing today is a blessing from God.

Reading the story of Muhammad; the Syrian refugee but now an Australian, I can’t but imagine that it could have been me. I mean, the last election could have thrown Nigeria off balance which might have blown into a whole Syrian type war.

I mean while the government is fighting the people in order to keep power, the Boko Haram guys will also be trying to expand their so called caliphate. The terrorist will be fighting the government and the people, the people will be fighting the terrorist and the government and the government will be fighting the people and the terrorist.

So you see, all we are and all we are celebrating today is really not the independence though it’s the independence day, all we are celebrating is the hand of God in our country cos it could have been us.

We give all the glory to God, for the peace and unity we are enjoying even in our diversity and differences.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!