Tola Writes

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My name is Tola and I have always been a type of writer I refer to as an impromptu writer. I hardly sit for days drafting out an article nor editing it.

I do not believe in the longer it takes view. In fact, what I believe in is that words are perishable and when they are not put into use when they are needed, they will die.

I set to write as soon as a topic comes to mind and the words start flowing as soon as I set to write. I don’t take notes, I don’t even write down my thoughts for later use. I am a fan of what will be will be and if I am to write about it, then when the time comes for me to write, I will remember.

A lot of people have proved me wrong, including the great and respected writers but why do I still write this way after I have been proved wrong by notable people even to my face.

Being an introverted extrovert who’s words can be counted, I started writing as a means of expressing myself. I started by writing poems based on how I feel and my view of the world around me. I see my pen and paper as those I can talk to. Writing for me feels like chat time, I hardly think before I start writing but once I start, the words won’t stop flowing until I pause or stop to give it a title or just to read all I have written.

There were times my writings have been inspired by my emotions, my personal experiences, by the activities on social media, politics, songs (especially their lyrics), other peoples writings and even some previous writings I have done.

I have a lot going on in my head, a lot of things happen inside there that I had to name it ‘My Play House’. I am a people kinda guy, more of a knowledge worker than a process person. I have my views and opinion about things which are most likely different from yours but even at that, I respect people’s views and opinions a lot.

My writings have been reduced of late all cos 24hrs no longer seem to be enough for me to carry out all my task. Yes! I know its getting close to that point that I need to get someone to assist in some areas but still, I might be adding more to the task on hand as I seem to be enjoying every bit of it.

I apologize for my posts coming late and not as often as it should. I will work towards making it more regular and I will soon start sharing some of my works on here with the hope that it will inspire someone.