In this part of the world where I am, there is something about the tailoring profession that makes them unreliable.

I mean all tailors are unreliable, I am yet to see nor hear about a single reliable tailor.

2 days always turn out to be 2 weeks and 2 weeks is always 2 months in the sight of tailors.

With tailors, no designer knows how to design his/ her work nor know how well it will look than them. Tailors will always want to add, remove and most times modify your design.

They will always hear what you say but will never do it. They know your design and how you want it to look better than you do. So they go ahead to bring to reality the dream they were never a part of, claiming that is exactly how it should look.

To deal with tailors, you need a lot of patience, I mean a whole lot of patience and be ready to explain yourself over and over again as a means of guiding them through the process of making your drawing a reality while sitting with them to monitor how they join your cloths together.

Recently, I got into a kind of situation with a tailor that I almost got him arrested. In fact, I got him arrested in my mind and in my head, I mean I made those calls that will get him arrested but fortunately for him, his wife overhead my phone conversation, and with the help of others, they got me to stop the arrest while they fished him out and stood with him to get my work done.

Few weeks ago, another tailor misplaced my material, a special material I planned on using for my friends kids and ever since, its been stories after stories.

I believe we all have our own share of experience with tailors and being one that work with tailors day-in, day-out, I once thought I am above all their gimmicks and stuffs but it seem disappointment comes with the profession.