Why is Santa the mascot for Christmas? Why is he the official mascot and why is red the color of Christmas?

These were the questions my little nephew asked me this morning. He wanted to know why the popular Santa is the official mascot for Christmas and not Jesus since he is the one who’s birthday we celebrate on Christmas day.

Before I could say a word, he added; “That is why I don’t like Santa, he is trying to steal another person’s day and it is wrong. Jesus is the reason for Christmas and he should be the one we should be celebrating, not Santa”.

I was blown away with the dept of knowledge coming out of the mouth of a boy we all consider little.

When I was his age, I always look forward to seeing Santa during Christmas but here we are, the ‘little boy’ is educating me on one of the things that is wrong with the world.

On the surface, you might think that he is simply taking things too serious but on a second thought, it might look like all he is saying is ‘give to Cesar what is Cesars and give to God what is Gods’ but beyond that is the tiny voice of never allowing anything replace Jesus in your life.

It is obvious that Santa seem to be taking over and even the name Christ is being replaced by ‘X’. I remember a friend wrote about that on my old blog in 2011 (Saving the Christ in Christmas).

It’s happening here, its happening there and it is happening everywhere. Santa is being synonymous to Christmas popularly called Xmas and in some parts of the world, we hear names like ‘Father Christmas’. Our kids are being thought that Christmas is just another time to party, another time to get new gifts and a time to identify the uncles and aunties that love them.

In as much as all these might seem harmless and not a problem on their own, it becomes an issue when you realise how tactical the devil is making people either consciously or unconsciously shift their focus away from the celebration of the birth of Christ and its significance, towards the celebration of earthly things and more scary is when you talk to kids and all they could say about Christmas is holiday, Santa, gifts and fun without mentioning Christ.

We complain about being betrayed by friends whom we might not have contributed anything significant to, yet we tend to ignore the one who lay down his life for us.

I like to think about it this way; imagine every year on your birthday, your family and friends decide not to celebrate you but rather turn the day into a costume day while someone else who’s birthday is still far away takes the center stage, while you’re given little or no recognition at all, how will you feel?