There are times we have a lot to write about
There are times we have a lot of things to talk about
There are times our heart breaths faster
And our minds never stop wondering for a second

We question happenings
We question events
We question our judgement on certain things
And wonder if another line of action might have saved the day
But who are we to question God?

We believe all things work together for our good
We believe God knows best
We believe even in our unbelief
Oh Lord, please help our unbelief

It’s a week already
You left unannounced
Like a bird you flew
Far away into the sky

You left after a joyous day
Celebrating the work of the year
Thanking God for his mercies
Not knowing it was the end of the road for you

I write this with an heavy heart
With the feeling it might just be a prank
How I wish you can be here
I want to see your mum smile

This is my tribute to you
This is my song for you
I love you more than a friend
You were a brother to me
Your smile was a joy to behold
And I know you’re in heaven smiling down
Watching us how we handle the news of your flight

Please if you can
Kindly observe a minute silence for Dami
And keep his family in your prayers
They need it more than ever
God bless you as you do
May God keep us all

Rest In Perfect Peace Dami
Though at this time
I say Return If Possible
But let your will be done
Oh God,
Silence is all I see and feel