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Quiet For A Reason

To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven: A time to be born, And a time to die; A time to plant, And a time to pluck what is planted;… Continue reading

Bend But Don’t Break

Do everything possible on your part to live in peace with everybody. Romans 12:18 (GNT) One of the hardest things to do is to be happy with those who hurt you. Few years… Continue reading

The Narrow Gate

“Go in through the narrow gate, because the gate to hell is wide and the road that leads to it is easy, and there are many who travel it. But the gate to… Continue reading

Feeling Like a Baby

When you think you’ve got hold of love When you think you have mastered the art of loving When you think you’ve got total control of love And you can consciously decide who… Continue reading

Be Alert, Be On Watch!

That the world celebrates gay marriages today is due to the fact that the Christians’ tolerates it. This is a discussion point that most people do not want to get involved in, they… Continue reading

The Lord Is Coming Soon

“Show a gentle attitude toward everyone. The Lord is coming soon.” ~ Philippians 4:5 (GNT) Growing up, one of the few things I knew ‘preaching’ to be was spreading the good news that… Continue reading

What Would You Do?

King Sunny Ade (KSA) said in one of his songs that “Olorun be, bi tati jo, awa la o sin Baba bi tati jo” (Meaning: God still exist like the days of old,… Continue reading

Trust God and Love People

If there are no expectations, there will be no disappointments. Disappointment is the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations. Hopes and expectations are used interchangeably,… Continue reading

Who Is My Neighbour?

Luke 10:25-37 A teacher of the Law came up and tried to trap Jesus. “Teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to receive eternal life?”  Jesus answered him, “What do the Scriptures say?… Continue reading

Marriage – God’s Idea

This is God’s own idea of marriage, A MAN and A WOMAN, ADAM weds Eve and not a man and a man, not Adam weds Steve, nor a woman and a woman, Not… Continue reading

Give Love

Give a little love to someone Though you might not know that ‘he’ needs it Who knows what that little smile you give The fruit it will bear For little drops of water… Continue reading

Teach Your Child

“Children just naturally do silly, careless things, but a good spanking will teach them how to behave.” ~ Proverbs 22:15 (GNT) There are these set of jokes/ memes that have been around for… Continue reading

Love: What You Should Know

Love has been said to be the most used word in English language. Everyday, we hear people throw the word ‘Love’ around without really knowing what love really is. Some think love is… Continue reading

The Capable Wife

How hard it is to find a capable wife! She is worth far more than jewels! Her husband puts his confidence in her, and he will never be poor. As long as she… Continue reading

Just A Reminder…

Love like you have never loved before, Let your smile be loud and funny, Hug freely, Show a sign of salute to a stranger, Say a word of greeting to everyone that comes… Continue reading

Made of Love

“Mothers are women who inhabit or perform the role of bearing some relation to their children, who may or may not be their biological offspring.” Mother A child’s best friend A daughters role model… Continue reading

The Exchange

“Leave your troubles with the Lord, and he will defend you; he never lets honest people be defeated.” ~ Psalm 55:22 (GNT) There are times when we are overwhelmed by our troubles and… Continue reading

Because of Our Sins

“But because of our sins he was wounded, beaten because of the evil we did. We are healed by the punishment he suffered, made whole by the blows he received.” ~ Isaiah 53:5… Continue reading

Sinless Sacrifice

“It is a difficult thing for someone to die for a righteous person. It may even be that someone might dare to die for a good person. But God has shown us how… Continue reading

Concerning The Freedom of Speech

“As for you, my friends, you were called to be free. But do not let this freedom become an excuse for letting your physical desires control you. Instead, let love make you serve… Continue reading